Food & Holistic Health Consultations

1:1 & 1:2 Sessions

If you’re interested in the benefits; physically, emotionally, spiritually & wish to embark on a more holistic health journey, then a consultation will offer you the insight & support on how to achieve YOUR optimal vitality.

Are you needing help with menu planning, need inspiration or new recipes, a little boost?

Don’t know where else to turn to achieve that extra health or energy boost?

Perhaps you are looking for a way to ease the pain, IBS, mood swings, lethargy or other systemic concerns-raw food has a wealth of incredible credentials to help us self-heal & regulate health.

Perhaps you’re in need a dietary / lifestyle change or are seeking to improve your overall health, either way, we will discover the path to a better YOU.

We will look at the foods we are more designed to consume, this in turn (with a long story cut short!) aids healing & leads us towards optimum health, & trust me – it’s not just salad & carrot sticks!

Avoid the confusion of the media, sales gimmicks & the promotions in magazines or media – enjoy a new adventure which we will ease into your current routine in achievable, sustainable, delicious steps…

  • Feel full of life & increase energy levels,
  • Build a profile of vegan & raw food menu suggestions,
  • Answer those questions you have on “healthy foods”,
  • Benefit from individual support, guidance & direction,
  • Tips specific to your needs & lifestyle,
  • Guidance on the potentials of organic, vegan, raw shopping,
  • How to deal with friends, partners, relatives & eating out,
  • Potential for “hands on” to try out recipes,
  • Advice on any kitchen appliances,
  • Create a personal recipe plan for you & your partner / family (if required).

And more.

Life & Food is supposed to be joyful, so lets enjoy the journey together!

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1:1 (up to 2 hours) £90

2 people (2+ hours) £130

1:1 (2 hours + 2 hours) £170 (this involves x2 separate session dates for advancement & fine tuning for personal lifestyle change)

Venue: Kirkton of Auchterhouse Good Food Good Feelings Certified kitchen or in your own home-depending on requirements. (Travel costs may apply outside the Dundee/Angus region)

Holistic Health Packages

These are slightly longer sessions combining two options into one visit.

  • Food / Healthy Eating Consultation
  • Clothed massaged therapy of choice. Either Body Re-Balancing, Indian Head Massage or Therapeutic Massage

Cost: £95 for 1:1 (2.5 hour session)

Click here to book or call/text 07919123307 to discuss the sessions which interest you the most or for a personal holistic package of your choice.

Email Consultation

If you have up to 5 diet and/or lifestyle related questions that need to be answered or feel you need support on, this email consultation offers advice within one to five emails. You could use the above list for guidance.

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Cost: £40 (No time restraints)

Skype or Phone Call Consultation

If you have any diet and lifestyle questions that need answered, this consultation offers immediate face to face advice.

In most cases achieving 100% raw lifestyle is not the aim of any consultation we are all individuals with a past & an even more exciting future-lets enjoy it in full health with Good Food Good Feelings!

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Cost: £45 (up to 35 mins)

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  • “just a note to say thank you for coming round, I really enjoyed the visit…bit of a revelation actually…my guts have significantly improved…”

(Client after just a few days using GFGF advise)

  • “you have so many good ideas & tips I never thought about or considered & some of it seems so obvious now!”

(Client after HH Package)

  • “those energy / booster bars really worked…gave me the ideal lift I needed during work & before the gym”

(Regular Personalised Food Package Client)