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“Let Food Be Thy Medicine”

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Products are made from nutritious, organic wholefood ingredients. There are no additives, chemicals or unnecessary fillers in our range. Raw food is naturally free from gluten & refined white sugar.

Good Food Good Feelings has a passion for creating products for natural health, nutrition & sustainable energy. Promoting conscious eating & positive lifestyle choices.

Caring for our environment by using Compostable/Bio-Degradable or Recyclable packaging.

Biscuits & Bars With Benefits-Delicious & fresh creations may contain Ancient Herbs, Ayurvedic Plants / Powders or Superfoods for extra nutritional plant based power which may help boost vitality & energy.

Local Ingredients-supporting local farmers, thusly a few products may change seasonally…look into FB & Instagram for new creations.


Health Promoter & Raw Food Chef

Formally trained in physical education, coaching & massage/energy therapy. My time as a personal trainer & sports coach (including special needs & Olympic team members) & a great number of years in Community & Health Education has equipped me with skills & experience to help those from all walks of life.

Having laterally studied Nutritional Science as well as being a certified Raw Food Chef gives me a unique insight into helping treat a range of health issues. This, coupled with own experience with suffering from a number of health issues throughout the years, puts me in the ideal position to be able to understand your needs & requirements on a personal & professional level, I aim to provide support, informed information & education to all those on a quest for vitality. Together we can foster a lasting relationship with health & well-being.

A snippet of my story

For as long as I can remember I suffered from a host of ailments & maladies. Through trial & error, dedication & education I can now say that I’m free from the ill health which bound me for so long!

Here are just a few which affected me until I started self healing through food:

  • Depression, emotional issues, anxiety & negative thoughts
  • Phobias & fears
  • Raynaud’s disease – circulation problems
  • Very regular colds, running nose, flu & glandular fever
  • Pink blotchy cheeks, uneven skin tone & permanent spots
  • PMT (hormonal imbalances)
  • Physical stiffness, aches & pains particularly in the mornings
  • Low recovery rate after physical training
  • Cravings for high fat & sugary foods

Are you familiar with any of these symptoms? I like to keep an element of flexibility throughout all aspects of life, so despite generally being 90-100% raw, I still occasionally consume some sensible options such as steamed or cooked veggies etc. I love living on simple to digest diet. This way, I have far more energy, am more alert & able to think efficiently.

We are what we eat, though also how we eat.

Getting back to Nature with wholesome green smoothies, hearty breakfasts, salads & healthy snacks packed with powerful superfoods, Ayurvedic foods/powders, antioxidants, plant-based proteins, vitamins & minerals. Incorporating a variety of seeds & nuts but few, if any grains.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine”

Wishing you Health & Happiness

Caroline x